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Updating Malwarebytes

This is Seth at Computers 4 Life, Second Part to the Malwarebytes series “Updating Malwarebytes” After reading this you should be able to update Malwarebytes and have a safer computer experience. I recommended reading Running Malwarebytes after you have updated so that you can have a clean computer.

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Running Malwarebytes

Hello all this is Seth at Computers 4 Life. I work at a computer store in Amarillo TX.

Recently we have had a lot of customers coming in complaining about getting Viruses and Spyware even though they have Malwarebytes and AVG installed. The problem that I have found more often than not is that they do not update Malwarebytes. The free version of Malwarebytes does not update automatically, if you get the paid version it does but I do not have the paid version, with that in mind have made a little tutorial on how to run a scan and how to update Malwarebytes. Read more of this post

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