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Running Malwarebytes

Hello all this is Seth at Computers 4 Life. I work at a computer store in Amarillo TX.

Recently we have had a lot of customers coming in complaining about getting Viruses and Spyware even though they have Malwarebytes and AVG installed. The problem that I have found more often than not is that they do not update Malwarebytes. The free version of Malwarebytes does not update automatically, if you get the paid version it does but I do not have the paid version, with that in mind have made a little tutorial on how to run a scan and how to update Malwarebytes.

Starting Malwarebytes:

Here is what it looks like when you start Malwarebytes:

Now we want to “Perform full scan”:

Then if you have more than one drive it asks you to select the one(s) you want to scan. I recommend scanning at least your hard drives if not your flash drives as well.

Click on Scan and it shows:

And scans. After it is done it will tell you and then show you this:

The 2 may be more, now click Show Results and it will show you something like this:

Then Click Remove Selected. It will then remove them and give you a report after that it will say

Click Yes it will reboot.

When it is done rebooting RE-SCAN and reboot until it does not find any more!!!

There you go next week I will show you how to update Malwarebytes.

Thanks for reading.

Seth at Computers 4 Life.

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