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M55 – Home of electric bikes.

Schematic Diagram of a bicycle.

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The world’s first luxury electric bicycle is coming to earth soon!
Official reveal: 2010 EUROBIKE

Recently more and more electric bicycles are appearing city streets. While the new trend of electric bike development is a welcome improvement, it is flawed by heavy compromises. Most E-bikes available today are rather primitive machines. The majority of the electric bike kits contain no more than a hub motor and a frame-mounted battery cell. The development of these power assist vehicle models were not based on design, maximum range or maneuverability, but rather the functions they can offer. Most of these models are neither suitable to be used as bicycles, nor as successful e-bike. They offer a little of everything, but do not satisfy any specific requirement. They do what they were designed to: they take their riders from A to B, which is fine for some but not others.

fromĀ M55 – Home of electric bikes.

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