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Up Coming Series: Wiping and Reloading Windows XP The Right Way

Microsoft Windows XP wordmark official.

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Seth here at Computers 4 life.  Starting December 1st every Wednesday for 8 weeks,  I will be publishing a series titled “Wiping and Reloading Windows XP The Right Way”. I will be taking you through from start to finish including:

  • Backing up your Files
  • Deciding how to setup your hard drive
  • Installing Windows XP
  • Installing and updating AVG and Malwarebytes
  • Updating Windows XP
  • Installing needed programs
  • Restoring backup and setting up weekly backups
  • Setting up weekly checks

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Go Open Source: Sumatra PDF reader

just found out about this Open source PDF reader

Sumatra PDF reader is a free and open source replacement for Adobe Reader.  Sumatra development focuses on simplicity which results in very fast startup times and a small install size.

via Go Open Source: Sumatra PDF reader – Blog – Gaslamp Computers – .

Download it and try it out. I did it really is fast and light weight.

Seth at Computers 4 Life.

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