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Monthly Archives: November 2010

add a clickable link to your blog

for all you new bloggers out there i found a blog about how to add clickable links to your post it has a video showing the process.

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Updating Malwarebytes

This is Seth at Computers 4 Life, Second Part to the Malwarebytes series “Updating Malwarebytes” After reading this you should be able to update Malwarebytes and have a safer computer experience. I recommended reading Running Malwarebytes after you have updated so that you can have a clean computer.

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10 $ WIFI 16dBi Super Antenna

One of my favorite sites is Instructables. A while back I found this $10 WiFi antenna it is quite interesting and even though it is circularly polarized it still gets wonderful signal with low noise. Check it out. I built one and was able to pick up my schools wi-fi from 3 miles without any problem. And would have to play with it a bit to get it to work from my friend’s house 12 miles from the school AP.

Seth at Computers 4 Life.

Go Open Source: Sumatra PDF reader

just found out about this Open source PDF reader

Sumatra PDF reader is a free and open source replacement for Adobe Reader.  Sumatra development focuses on simplicity which results in very fast startup times and a small install size.

via Go Open Source: Sumatra PDF reader – Blog – Gaslamp Computers – .

Download it and try it out. I did it really is fast and light weight.

Seth at Computers 4 Life.

End of Year Poll

Running Malwarebytes

Hello all this is Seth at Computers 4 Life. I work at a computer store in Amarillo TX.

Recently we have had a lot of customers coming in complaining about getting Viruses and Spyware even though they have Malwarebytes and AVG installed. The problem that I have found more often than not is that they do not update Malwarebytes. The free version of Malwarebytes does not update automatically, if you get the paid version it does but I do not have the paid version, with that in mind have made a little tutorial on how to run a scan and how to update Malwarebytes. Read more of this post

Welcome To Computers 4 Life

    Computers 4 Life is all about computers and how to do things with them. I will teach you how to do all sorts of things, from the very basic to fairly complex I will tell you when we are working with things you need to be careful with thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay.

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