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Up Coming Series: Wiping and Reloading Windows XP The Right Way

Microsoft Windows XP wordmark official.

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Seth here at Computers 4 life.  Starting December 1st every Wednesday for 8 weeks,  I will be publishing a series titled “Wiping and Reloading Windows XP The Right Way”. I will be taking you through from start to finish including:

  • Backing up your Files
  • Deciding how to setup your hard drive
  • Installing Windows XP
  • Installing and updating AVG and Malwarebytes
  • Updating Windows XP
  • Installing needed programs
  • Restoring backup and setting up weekly backups
  • Setting up weekly checks

I may add more but I think that this should be a good start. Please feel free to comment on any of my posts. I can learn just as much from you as you can from me. Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so you do not miss anything.

Thank you

Seth at Computers 4 Life

After the 8 weeks are over I will be turning this in to an E-Book that will be available as a free download here at Computers 4 Life

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